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  • 100% Eco Friendly carpet cleaning
  • Quick drying ( 4 hours or less)
  • Stain & Odour removal
  • Fully insured

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  • Intensive upholstery cleaning service
  • Eco-safe, 5 stage clean
  • We clean all fabric types
  • Stain guard included

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  • Leather cleaning & repair  Glasgow
  • Leather repair and restoration
  • Colour match & colour change
  • Leather care kits available


Vacuuming keeps your carpet cleaner for longer

Vacuuming keeps your carpet cleaner for longer

Do you Vacuum your carpet on a daily basis? 

If you do, what type of vacuum are you using ?

Is it an upright? Or a Henry type with hose ? 

If you are using the latter then you may find your carpets will stay cleaner for longer if you switch over to an upright style vacuum with a beater bar ( the brush that spins on the bottom)

The reason for the brush isn’t just to catch and scrape the surface of the carpet, the brush is actually beating on the carpet, releasing trapped dirt as it passes over the carpet surface. When we are cleaning any carpets the first part of the process is to vacuum the full area.

Why we vacuum so much?

We spend much longer than any sane person would spend working our way over the carpet, back and forward, north to south then east to west. The reason for this is in the construction of the carpet and the way it is designed to trap and hold dust. To remove the maximum amount of dry soil we really need to vacuum for at least 10 minutes per small room, sometimes even 15 or 20 minute depending on the depth of the pile.

We have had customers comment time and time again that the carpets look much cleaner already and all we have done is give the place a really intense vacuum.

If your thinking that we are using some special, high tech, fancy vacuum cleaner…. You would be wrong.

We use the industry standard Vacuum for carpet cleaners, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels… the list is endless.

The SEBO BS36Sebo-Bürstsauger-BS36-BS461


This is a german built workhorse of a vacuum, fully serviceable and easy to clean after every use. It makes my job as a carpet cleaner so much easier.

If you are considering a new vacuum in the near future, give it a try. You wont regret it.

Scotclean Solutions Eco Safe Cleaning Range.

Scotclean Solutions Eco Safe Cleaning Range.

Bothered by nasty cleaning chemicals in the home ??Eco friendly carpet cleaning Glasgow

I don’t know about you, but i don’t enjoy having a mini, chemical arsenal under my kitchen sink.

After an evenings TV viewing you begin to wonder how our parents and grand parents and all those before them survived. With complicated, chemical, cleaning, concoctions available for just about every inch of your home the question is, when did we become so dirty.


The truth is we didn’t

The dirty ones are the marketing companies and big chemical companies who need to to buy all this nasty stuff. And those slimy advertisers got really good at convincing us that there are germs lurking at every turn just waiting to lay you up with some nasty something or other.

The truth is humans in the developed western world presently live in the the most hygienic and sanitary living environments we have every occupied. There simply isn’t the need to take this already clean environment and ruin it by spraying chemical polishes, air fresheners, and various bleaches around the place. There are numerous studies and medical papers showing distinct and positive correlation between the increased use of chemicals in the home to increases in the levels and types of cancers being developed in the western world.

This is something i as a parent couldn’t ignore and as a business owner i feel a duty of care to my customers and to my employees to be using the safest and most eco friendly cleaning solutions throughout my company. From replacing a list of cleaning chemicals with our industrial steam generator to switching completely to Eco- friendly, plant derived carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions.

Every little bit we all do eventually snowballs and becomes a lot and we make the world a nicer, greener place to pass on to our children.


If you would like to try an eco friendly carpet cleaning company covering Glasgow,  call Scotclean Solutions today. Our results will blow you away.