Our new Italian steam cleaning machine.

Steam cleaning and sterilisation service now available.

Ok, Im very excited while writing this post, we have just taken delivery of our new industrial steam cleaning machine from the KS group all the way over in Italy.

Why did we choose a company from Italy to provide our steam cleaning equipment, well thats simple. The KS group manufactures the most high quality steam sterilisation equipment in Europe if not the world. Their machines are used in hospitals, kitchens, laboratories and much more all over Europe. And now they are used by us. http://www.ksgsteamdivision.com/eng/ Our new steam cleaning machine oven cleaner Glasgow

The use of high powered steam has replaced a majority of the cleaning chemicals used in these locations and made a much safer and cleaner environment possible. Infection control is carried out using super heated steam which can penetrate into every nook and cranny, destroying bacteria and viruses on contact.

Super heated steam also cleans really really well. We offer oven cleaning across Glasgow already, now we will be putting our new baby to the test. Oven cleaning has always been a dirty job, someone has to do it and it might as well be done properly. We carry out our oven cleaning service without the use of harsh chemicals in your home. Your oven is left as good as new with every last drop of grime and filth removed.

Ok back to our new machine.

It has the ability to heat water way past it’s boiling point, all the way up to 170 degrees, the resulting steam produced is not like stem from your kettle or a pot of boiling water, this is DRY steam, you can read more about it here courtesy of wikipedia.

Dry steam kills all known viruses and bacteria, if you think about it there is not much that can survive temps like these. So while cleaning and blasting dirt from the surfaces we are cleaning, we are also destroying all the bacteria and germs. The same cannot be said for chemical cleaners, when you use harmful chemicals you are doing more harm to yourself than your are to germs.

So, who will be the first customer to see the benefits from our new equipment. ???


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