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We have produced an informative guide covering the various cleaning methods we enlist to clean your carpets and flooring.

Our professional carpet cleaning service is available to clean any carpet surface.

Our most popular carpet cleaning service is Hot Water Extraction. This is the most thorough method of carpet cleaning available.

You may know it as carpet shampooing or carpet steam cleaning, although these days the technology has come on leaps and bounds, we no longer use shampoo when cleaning carpets. A common problem with carpet shampoo was the residue left behind.


The residue from carpet cleaning shampoo became sticky and quickly began to attract dirt and grime.

This is unacceptable. Back in the old days it was just accepted as fact that once you started shampooing your carpets then you would be committed to cleaning them frequently to keep the surface clean.

In comparison with today’s methods it seems archaic to put shampoo on a carpet. Shampoo is for hair, lets keep it that way.

Now we use cleaning solutions derived from plant based sources. Did you know that the oil produced from oranges is one of the most potent degreasers available. That’s why it’s used in thousands of commercial kitchens across the world.

  • No harmful chemicals.
  • No harm to the environment.

As oranges grow on trees. you could even say it’s carbon beneficial to clean with these products.